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We especially encourage children and young adults to join the Chicago Shell Club to learn about mollusks (the animals that live in shells) and to hear presentations by the leading scientists in the fields of malacology and conchology. Learn how these animals fit into the ecology of the world.

Field trips and other activities are available to all members.

Club membership ranges from novice to expert, and from juniors to retirees. Many members join the Club after an initial shelling experience that they are eager to continue. All are there to share and increase their knowledge about shells and the ecosystems in which they exist.

Dues are $25.00 per calendar year for families, $20.00 for individuals, and $15.00 for juniors (under 18 years or enrolled in college). Lifetime memberships are $250 for families, and $200 for individuals. You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings or auctions. The current Chicago Shell Club meeting schedule is available on the Meetings page in this website, providing details of the scope and variety of scheduled meetings and events throughout this Club season.

To Join the Chicago Shell Club:

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Annual membership,
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By mail:

Send the following information to Jan Kremer, P.O. Box 405, Dayton WY 82836

She will contact you with payment information.







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