Library Book List

Chicago Shell Club Library List

Title Author
1000 World Sea Shells A. Gordon Melvin
A Biography & Short Biographical Sketch of William Healy Dall Paul Bartsch, Harald A Rehder & Beula Shields
A Childs Book of Sea Shells William M. Hutchinson
A Classification of The Living Mollusca Kay Cunningham Vaught
A Coral Island Harold Heatwole
A Dictionary of Shells (4th edition) Lula Siekman
A Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of the Chicago Wilderness Field Museum
A Guide to Cowry Names and Terms E.L Heiman
A Guide to Worldwide Coweries Felix Lorenz Jr. & Alex Hubert
A Sheller’s Directory of Clubs, Books Periodicals & Dealers Tom Rice
American Malacologists R. Tucker Abbott
American Museum of Natural History Guide to Shells: Land, Freshwater & Marine: Nova Scotia to Florida William Emerson & Morris Jacobson
American Seashells (1st edition) R. Tucker Abbott
An Illustrated Guide to Unionid Mussels of Kansas Karen Couch
Art From Shells Stuart & Leni Goodman
Atlas of the Living Olive Shells of The World Edward Petuch & Dennis Sargent
Australian Shells B.R. Wilson & K Gillett
Australian Shells (1st edition) Joyce Allen
Australian Shells (2nd edition) Joyce Allen
Australias Spectacular Cowries Barry Wilson, Peter Clarkson
Beach Shelling in Antigua Alicia H. Simmons
Beneath Cold Seas: Exploring Cold Temperate Waters Of North America Jeffrey Rotman & Barry Allen
Beneath Cold Waters – The Marine Life of New England Fred Bavendam
Between Pacific Tides Edward Ricketts & Jack Calvin
British Bivalves Seashells Norman Trebble
Caribbean Shells Germaine Warmke & R. Tucker Abbott
Collectible Seashells of Southeast U.S., Bahamas and Caribbean R. Tucker Abbott
Collecting Sea Shells Kathleen Yerger Johnstone
Collectors Encyclopedia of The Shells S. Peter Dance
Collector’s Guide to Seashells of the World Jerome M. Eisenberg
Color Treasury of Sea Shells Sergio Angeletti
Compendium of Landshells R. Tucker Abbott
Compendium of Sea Shells R. Tucker Abbott & Peter Dance
Conches, Tibias & Harps Jerry Walls
Cone Shells Jerry Walls
Cone Shells of The World J. A. Marsh & O. H. Rippingale
Contemporary Shell Craft Gayle Peterson
Coral Reefs: Exploring the World Below Joseph Wallace
Corals Dr. Warren E. Burgess
Corals of the World Elizabeth Wood
Coweries of East Sinai E. L. Heinman
Cowries John Taylor & Jerry Walls
Cowries of the World (2nd edition) C. M. Burgess
Cuba: The Landshells Paradise Adrian Gonzalez Guillen
Die Europaischen Meeresmuscheln (Bivalvia) Fritz Nordsieck (Loose leaf form)
Encyclopedia of Sea Shells (English & Spanish Version) Kenneth Wye
Endodontid Land Snails from Pacific Islands (Part 1) Alan Solem
Endodontid Land Snails from Pacific Islands (Part 2) Alan Solem
Eyewitness Handbook Shells S. Peter Dance
Field Guide to Seashells of the World Gert Linder
Field Guide to Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest Kevin S. Cummings & Christine Mayer
Field Guide to Shells of The Atlantic and Gulf Coasts & West Indes 3rd Edition, 1973) Percy Morris
Field Guide to Shells of The Pacific Coast and Hawaii (1st edition) Percy Morris
Field Guide to Shells of The Pacific Coast and Hawaii (2nd edition) Percy Morris
Field Guide to Shells of The Pacific Coast and Hawaii (3rd edition) Percy Morris
Field Guide to the Shells of Our Atlantic Coasts (1st edition 1947) Percy Morris
Field Guide to The Shells of Our Atlantic Coasts (2nd edition 1951) Percy Morris
Florida Marine Shells C.N. Vilas & N.R. Villas
Guide to Australian Shells Alan Hinton
Guide to Shells A.P.H. Oliver
Guide to Shells (Simon & Schuster’s) Harold Feinberg & Bruno Sabelli
Handbook For Shell Collectors (1st edition) W. F. Webb
Hawaiian Sea Shells Robert Bloom
How to Know American Marine Shells R. Tucker Abbott
How to Preserve Animals & Other Specimens in Clear Plastic Cleo Harden
Illinois Mussel Watch (Notebook Form) Chicago Academy of Sciences (Notebook Form)
Indexes to the Nautilus, 1979 American Malacologists
Indo Pacific Mollusks Vol. 1 (in binder form) R. Tucker Abbott
Indo Pacific Mollusks Vol. 2 (in binder form) R. Tucker Abbott
Indo-Pacific Mollusks Vol. 3 (In binder form) R. Tucker Abbott
Introducing Sea Shells R. Tucker Abbott
Jewels from the Ocean Deep Murray Hoyt
Kingdom of The Shell R. Tucker Abbott (2 Autographed)
Let’s Go Shelling Frances Peabody McKay
Let’s Read About SeaShells Kay Ware
Life Along the Seashore Alan Solem (Autographed)
Living Coral Sandra Romansko
Living Corals Douglas Faulkner & Richard Chesher
Living Shells of The Caribbean & Florida Keys Robert Lipe & R. Tucker Abbott
Living Terebras of the World Twila Bratcher & Walter Cernochorsky
Malacologia: Bivalve Studies in The Florida Keys R. Bieler & P Mikkelson
Marine Molluscan Genera of Western North America Myra Keen
Marine Mollusks of Grand Cayman Island, British West Indes R. Tucker Abbott
Marine Shells of Northeast Florida Harry G. Lee (Autographed)
Marine Shells of the Pacific Walter Chernohorsky
Marine Shells of the Pacific Northwest Tom Rice
Mollusca : The Southern Synthesis Part B. Fauna of Australia Vol 5 Alan Solem
Mollusca of The Chicago Area Vols. 1 & 2 (bound together) Frank C. Baker
Molluscs: An Introduction to Their Form and Functions J. E. Morton
Mollusks of Florida, Upper Tertiary and …….Of the Peninsula of Florida W. C. Mansfield
Murex Shells of the World George Radwin & Anthony D’Attillio
Mysteries of the Deep Joseph Thorndike
Nautilus: Beautiful Survivor Wolfgang Grulke
New Molluscan Taxa & Scientific writings of Fritz Haas Alan Solem
New Zealand Mollusca, Marine, Land and Freshwater Shells A.W. B. Powell
Ocean Life Norman & Olga Marshall
Olive Shells of the World Zeigler & Porreca
Pacific Sea Shells Spencer Wilke Tinker
Park Ranger Guide to Seashores Arthur Miller, & Marjorie Miller
Pearls: A Natural History Rudiger Bieler, Landman, Mikkelsen & Bronson
Revision Der Gattung Vallonia Risso, 1826 Dr. Jochen Gerber
Sea Beach at Ebb Tide Augusta Foote Arnold
Sea Horses Lilo Hess
Sea Shells of Eastern Arabia Donald Bosch, S. Peter Dance Robert Moolenbeek
Sea Shells of the Texas Coast Jean Andrews
Sea Shells of The World with Values A. Gordon Melvin
Sea Shells of Tropical West America (1st edition) Myra Keen
Sea Shells of Tropical West America From Baja California to Peru (2nd edition) Myra Keen
Sea Shells of Western Europe Ph Bouchet, F. Danrigal, & C Huygens
Sea Treasure: A Guide to Shell Collecting Kathleen Y. Johnstone
Seashell Parade A. Gordon Melvin
Seashell Treasures of the Caribbean Lesley Sutty & R. Tucker Abbott
Seashells of North America: A Guide to Field Identification R. Tucker Abbott
Seashells of the Western Pacific in Color Vol 1 Tetsuaki Kira & Tadashige Habe
Seashells of the Western Pacific in Color Vol. 2 Tadashige Habe & Tetsuaki Kira
Seashells of the World, A Guide to the Better Known Species R. Tucker Abbott
Seashells: A Junior Golden Guide R. Tucker Abbott
Seashores: Guide to Animals & Plants Along the Beaches Herbert Zim & Lester Ingle
Shell Art Helen Kraus
Shell Collecting, An Illustrated History S. Peter Dance
Shell Collector’s Guide Ruth H. Fair
Shell Craft Cleo M. Stephens
Shell Craft Virginie Fowler Elbert
Shell Life and Shell Collecting Sonia Bennett Murray
Shellcraft Novelties Henri V. Dorsman
Shelling Along the Florida, Gulf & South Atlantic Coasts M. O’Mara (In page protector binder)
Shelling in Florida and The Caribbean Gary Magnotte
Shells Andreas Feininger & William Emerson
Shells & Shelling (Hundreds of Shells in Color), Fla Gulf & S. Atlantic Ralph Barrett & Ralph Patterson
Shells Alive Neville Coleman
Shells and Shell Collectiong S. Peter Dance
Shells Are Where You Find Them Elizabeth Clemons
Shells at our Feet: An Introduction to Shelling in the Bahamas Mary Baker Moulding (autographed)
Shells from Cape Cod to Cape May Morris Jacobson & William K. Emerson
Shells in Color (1 soft cover, 2 hard cover) Sandved & Abbott
Shells of Japan T. Okutani Yasaio Takemura
Shells of Japan (Enlarged and Revised Edition) Tetsuaki Kira
Shells of New Guinea and the Central Indo-Pacific Alan Hinton
Shells of New Zealand A.W. B. Powell
Shells of Oman Donald Bosch
Shells of the Florida Coasts Francis Wyly Hall
Shells of the Philippines E. J. Springsteen & F. M. Leobrera
Shells On Stamps of The World Kohman Arakawa
Shells, An Illustrated Guide to a Timeless and Fascinating World Mary Saul
Shells: Jewels from the Sea M.G. Harasewych
Snails of Land & Sea Hilda Simon
South African Shells Dierdre Richards
Spirals From the Sea Jane F. Safer & Frances M. Gill
Standard Catalog of Shells (3rd edition) (Loose Leaf Binder form) Robert Wagner & R. Tucker Abbott
Starfish Marjorie Furlong & Virginia Pill
Starfishes and Their Relations Ailsa M. Clark
Stratography and Paleontology: Late Neocene Strata of the Caloosahatchee River Area of Southern Florida Jules Dubar
Survey of The Mussells of the Illinois River W. C. Starrett
The Australian Beach Comber Neville Coleman
The Coral Book Sandra Romashko
The Erotic Ocean Jack Rudloe
The Fascinating World of The Sea Elva Sheets
The Henry Holt Guide to Shells of the World A.P.H. Oliver
The How And Why Wonder Book of Sea Shells Donald Low
The Living Coweries C.M. Burgess
The Living Volutes Weaver & DuPont
The Magic Lure of Seashells (National Geographic March 1969) In Masking tape binder, only the shell article of the Month Paul Zahl
The Outer Lands Dorothy Sterling
The Seven Seas Elizabeth Clemons
The Shell Book Julia Rogers
The Shell Book: Florida, Gulf & Caribbean Sandra Romashko
The Shell Collector Handbook A Hyatt Verrill
The Shell Makers Alan Solem
The Shell: Five Hundred Million Years of Inspired Design Hugh & Marguerite Stix & R. Tucker Abbott
The Shell: Gift of The Sea Hugh & Marguerite Stix & R. TuckerAbbott
The Shellcraft Instructor Lester M. Powell
The World of Animals With Shells Lady Plowden
Tide Pools & Beaches Elizabeth Clemons
Tide Tables & Notes on Boating for the Coast of Queensland Department of Harbours & Marine, Queensland Aus.
Tropical Land Shells of the World Brian Parkinson, J. Hemmen & K Groh
Underwater Guide to Tahiti R. Bagnis & E. Christian
Van Nostrands Standard Catalog of Shells (1st edition) Robert Wagner & R. Tucker Abbot
Volutes Guido T. Poppe & Yoshihiro Goto
Waves Tides & Currents Elizabeth Clemons
Webb’s Catalog of Present Mollusca from All Parts of the World W. F. Webb
West Coast Chitons (In Spiral binder) Glen & Laura Burghardt
World of Nature Sea Shells Harald Rehder
World Size Records. 1990: Supplement 4 Standard Catalog of Shells Robert Wagner & R. Tucker Abbott

Abbott, R. Tucker, Kingdom of the Seashell, Crown Publishers, 1972. (2 copies autographed by author), 1982, (1 copy autographed by author). We also have a 1972 and a 1975 copy.

Abbott, R. Tucker, American Malacologists, and 1st edition: 1973-74, A National Register of Professional & Amateur Malacologists & private shell collectors.

Abbott, R. Tucker, Best of the Nautilus, (index), American Malacologists, Greenville Delaware, 1979.

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Abbott, R. Tucker, Sea Shells, A Junior Golden Guide, Golden Press Inc., New York, 1966.

Abbott, R. Tucker, Indo-Pacific Mollusca, Volumes 1, 2, & 3. Published by Academy of Sciences of Philadelphia, (In 3 Binders), 1959.

Abbott, R. Tucker, Pronouncing the Scientific Names of Sea Shells of North America, 33 rpm recording (side 1 has skipping).

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